Omaha Guide

We truly love our city, and we think you will, too! Whether it’s your first time here or not, we hope that you have some time to explore while you’re here for the weekend. This is an accumulation of some of our favorite things to do in this place we call home.




Saddle Creek Breakfast Club

Make sure to get here early to avoid long lines! Modern American brunch with delicious food and drinks.


SPIN! Pizza

This is one of the many restaurants Mariah’s dad owns. There are two Omaha locations - Papillion and West O. Fantastic pizza and salads, and great for gluten free, families, or happy hour.



This is an obvious must. Zac managed Scooter’s stores around town for 4 years. If you’re from somewhere that doesn’t have Scooter’s yet, make this a priority. Get yourself a candy bar latte!


Craft Sliders + Beer

Hands down our favorite place. Since we work across the street, we both spend a lot of time here. Plus, they have a variety of vegan and vegetarian options!


NitE Owl

Perfect late night spot. There’s a sunken bar, and they always have old movies playing on the screens. Try the Totchos.



Great for going with a group of friends. Plus, they have adult capri suns. What’s not to love?



A fun, laid back bar. Take your quarters and you can throw back with classic arcade games all night.





As board game fanatics, we love spending time at Spielbound. It’s a huge board game library where you can sit around, grab a snack, and play games all afternoon.



A seasonal favorite that’s only open in October, Valas is a staple. Grab yourself some kettle corn and enjoy Fall!



A beautiful gallery downtown that always has modern, thought-provoking exhibits up.


The durham

This historic museum used to be a train station. It’s a step back in time and a fun look at Omaha’s history.


Film Streams

This theater has two locations. They show a great variety of independent films, and have a nice snack bar selection!





Hit up Reno’s for karaoke and grab a coffee at Archetype the morning after. This neighborhood has great food and something to offer all throughout the day.



We personally love driving around the Happy Hollow neighborhood close to Dundee. It’s where you’ll find Warren Buffett’s place, and the homes are beautiful.



A huge variety of food and nightlife that are hopping until 2. Benson is the classic bar hopping part of town, and has something for everyone.



This is where we both work and it’s classic downtown Omaha. Plenty to eat and drink around here, but don’t wear heels on the brick streets!



A nostalgic part of town where we grew up. Visit the Bell Place Shoppes to find handmade treasures and stop by Graley’s for ice cream.