Zac and Mariah were both involved in the marching band at Papillion South High School. Zac was in percussion and Mariah was on color guard, which allowed them to occasionally cross paths in the Fall of 2010.

In 2013, they met again on a trip to Indianapolis with mutual friends. Following the trip, they continued spending time together, enjoying common interests like trying new restaurants and taking long walks on the trails in Papillion. Zac then left to study abroad in Lithuania, but they didn't lose contact. They continued to learn more about each other by sending lengthy emails back and forth every week from across the world. It was then they knew their friendship was inseparable.




After Zac’s return from Europe and Mariah’s graduation from high school, they took the leap and started dating on May 14, 2014. Mariah was planning on attending her dream school, Pratt Institute in New York City. Despite the looming long-distance relationship, they enjoyed new adventures like Mariah’s first College World Series game and attempting to plant a blueberry bush.

After spending almost every day of the summer together, Zac left on a cross country tour with his band, and Mariah left for school in New York. The adjustment was hard, but thanks to modern-day technology they were able to stay connected. As time went on, being apart got easier because they were never truly alone. Traveling back and forth often helped as well, only needing to endure a maximum of 8 weeks without seeing one another. They loved exploring New York City and growing closer together. 

Time started to fly by faster. One year became two, then three, and before they knew it, Mariah was graduating from college.






Days before graduation, Mariah and Zac celebrated four years together, in New York City, along with their parents who were also able to make the trip. Little did Mariah know, there were other plans in the works as well. On a beautiful May 15, 2018, in their favorite spot in Central Park, all four parents gathered around to take photos of the happy couple. Mariah was the only one extremely oblivious to the fact that Zac was proposing. After much squealing and many hugs all around, the six of them enjoyed champagne and an afternoon in the park.






We’re now permanently together in Omaha, both working Downtown across the street from one another - Mariah at Bailey Lauerman and Zac at Flywheel. We just purchased our first home in Bellevue, and are looking forward to all the adventures that the future holds!

Engagement photography by Yoni Gill.